Behind The Jute Tote Bag Trend

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The ‘Green’ way of thought has gained popularity in today’s world. It has made its impact especially in the fashion industry. If fashion is a way of expression, then eco friendly thinking has certainly found a suitable place. After all, what better way of expressing environment consciousness than fashion? The advent of Jute Tote Bag has crated waves everywhere. These tote bags made with Jute are fun and chic. Grocery shopping or a day with friends, the Jute Tote Bags are a perfect accessory.

The origin of the Jute Tote Bag can be traced back to the 17th century. The word ‘tote’ means ‘to carry’ and this was not associated with the bag until the 1900s. The Jute Tote Bags have gained tremendous popularity due to their practical usage and chic looks. These bags are quite spacious and so make a perfect accessory for shopping. They make great personalized gifts as many Jute Tote Bags manufacturers offer them in custom designs. These bags can be embroidered with the initials of brands on the sides. In this digital age, the Jute Tote Bags offers a practical way of coming closer with nature.

These bags are made using Jute which is essentially a coarse thread that is spun from the vegetable fibers. It is used extensively in making handicrafts and decorative items. However, Jute is very strong and so the Jute Tote Bags can endure weight. They are manufactured with strong handles so that the user can get a firm grip on the bag. These handles distribute the weight evenly so that the user does not feel the strain when carrying the bag. One has to take care not to expose the bag to moisture or water. But in the light of so many benefits, this small disadvantage can certainly be overlooked.

There are several manufacturers who bring out elegant Jute Tote Bags in many sizes, shapes and designs. The Jute Tote Bags are very handy and are excellent for presenting gifts when compared to the usual gifting papers. Many companies are choosing to use Jute Tote Bags for their products. These companies get customized tote bags with their company’s logo printed on them. This gives them a dual advantage. These Jute Tote Bags ensure excellent promotion and offer an efficient vehicle for the company to express their eco friendly sentiments.

Fashion trends are ephemeral. But Jute Tote Bags are here to stay. Plastics and leather bags are passé amidst the cause of going green. So the next time, when one wishes to express eco consciousness in a stylish way, Jute Tote Bags are the prefect solution.

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Behind The Jute Tote Bag Trend

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This article was published on 2011/10/04