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Gossip Girl has swept across almost the whole world, from the US to many other countries. This TV series is a combination of the latest fashionable elements, from blog to pop music and from shining clothes to leather bags. Whatever the band of the bag is, nearly every bag of the leading actresses is powerful enough to lead the fashion trends among young people. Now let's have a look at those bags which have appeared in gossip girl

To begin with, let's talk about Blair's preference in choosing bags. Judging from the picture below, you may easily get a general opinion of the personality of Blair even though you have never seen this TV series before. That is, willful, indulged, na?ve, confident and lovely as well. Blue blouse, red skirt with flowers, green shoes and a shining yellow bag, the first impression in my mind on her dress-up is that she must be ambitious enough to combine these outstanding colors together to attract else. This yellow bag is from Gucci, a representative of wealth and taste. This bright-color bag may look a little affected at the first sight, but there is no doubt that it will absolutely make you a focus when you are walking in the street. Furthermore, bright color is a shortcut to making young girls look vigorous and lovely. What's more, this bag is of medium size, not only convenient to carry, but also is able to hold some necessities for girls.
The next picture of Serena is an obvious contrast to that of Blair's. Generally speaking, Blair prefers bags with bright colors or exaggerated styles while Serena often chooses simple ones.  A chestnut-colored leather garment, which is really a perfect match for her blond hair, a simple pair of jeans and this brown leather bag with a silver-colored chain perfectly show Serena's independence and maturity, especially this luxurious bag. This bag, appearing in the second season of Gossip Girl, is from Celine, with the price of about 2100 dollars. In appearance, it's quite simple in both its color and style, but sometimes a simple design is more inclined to show a person's elegance than a exaggerated one.
Now, let's move on to another luxurious bag used by Serena in Gossip Girl. It is a rose-like leather bag, sold by Valentino at the price of 2395 dollars. The shining bag decorated by a blooming rose is a perfect match for her blue gown, especially the sequins around the waist. In the sunshine, both the sequins and the petals will be flashing like gold. Although this dress-up looks quite simple and plain, but simple things sometimes are more appealing, aren't they?
If you are interested in those bags, pay more attention to Gossip Girl and I am sure you will find one that suits you.
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Fashion Handbags in Gossip Girl

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Fashion Handbags in Gossip Girl

This article was published on 2011/05/06