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No one, especially young girls, can resist the temptation of bags. With the development of society, after solving the problem of food, people begin to be after beauty around themselves. In addition to being a tool to hold all kinds of items, bags are the ornament for people. Therefore, girls are eager to get all bags they like so as to cater to different occasions. They like all the bags, from small one to large one, from clothing to leather. That “Gossip Girl” is so hot and popular among the young people all over the world is mainly because there are so many fashion elements, which can meet the needs of young people to chase fashion and keep up with fashion. What impress people most deeply is the number and style of fashion handbags. In the play, girls take most suitable bags all the time and the bags can always lead the trend. Here, several bags will be introduced to make young people know fashion better.

Valentino 360 Shining Flower Tux Tote is the first bag will be mentioned here. As a matter of fact, this bag shows up around Brandeise’s arm, a graduate in New York University and call girl in “Gossip Girl”. It is this bag that induces the extreme admiration and jealousy from Blair. Its name is from the modern lady with colorful life. This style of bag is very simple and elegant, with large capacity. So, it is full of both casual modern sense and gentle feminine. There are several versions. The author prefers the nappa leather handbag, which has a lot of colors such as black, red, blue and green. The bag in “Gossip Girl” is Shining Flower Tux Tote. It is covered with sequins and some rose petals and crystal in the middle.
YSL Roady is Jenny’s bag in the play. She buys it to bribe her classmate. In reality, there are two versions of YSL Roady. One is simple and plain, and the other is ornamented with chain and pattern. In the author’s opinion, the simple one is too ordinary and it is not very attractive and outstanding.
Hammitt Westwood is not a famous brand, but its handbag is wonderful. It is typical of LA style. Its leopard style is so fabulous that the author falls in love with it at first sight. It is designed simply. But the rivets and seams bring people a sense of fresh and primitive beauty.
In a word, the beauty of handbags in “Gossip Girl” is beyond words. People should find out the fashion elements by themselves.
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“Gossip Girl”, Fashion Handbags

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“Gossip Girl”, Fashion Handbags

This article was published on 2011/05/06