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You cannot go trekking or backpacking without a sleeping bag! If you are looking for a sleeping bag that canstand the extreme conditions of your trekking or backpacking environment, the Lafuma extreme is awonderful choice for you.

This is a sleeping bag that has been designed to endure. You can use this 950 Pro Sleeping Bag for any ofyour adventurous needs. It doesn’t matter whether you’re taking a long trek to inaugurate summer or ifyou’re just going on a traditional backpacking trip with friends. This sleeping bag will work for you.

The sleeping bag has been constructed with a lot of care and foresight. The fabric is highly durable andwater repellant. It is strong enough to withstand a beating as well. The fabric is synthetic, so you don’thave to be worried about your condition in case you get stuck in the rain in the woods. In fact, thesleeping bag is also prepared for situations that might involve a lot of cold. In case you’re trying to warmup, you can zip up the bag to keep yourself warm. In fact, this might be perfect for some snuggle timewith your loved one, if you’re on the trek with them!

The Lafuma extreme sleeping bag is made of micro fiber insulation. This ultra micro fiber insulationmakes sure that you get the maximum possible insulation for the weight of the bag. One of the biggestcomplaints that people have with sleeping bags that zip up is the fact that the zipper might get caughtin the fabric. In order to make sure that something like that does not happen, the Lafuma Extremesleeping bag has a double cursor zip, which certainly will not get caught in the lining material. Thanksto the anti- jamming design, you won’t have to struggle against the zipper in the middle of the woods.The compression system of the sleeping bags are so good, the luxurious mattress can be folded into acompact package that you can easily store inside your bag.

In order to make things easier (and frankly, more fun) for you, the Lafuma extreme’s zipper isphosphorescent- this way, you will always know where your bag is! This bag is constructed in a way toensure that your trekking conditions are perfect. The Lafuma extreme will be a wonderful choice foryou.

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Lafuma Exreme Sleeping Bags

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Lafuma Exreme Sleeping Bags

This article was published on 2011/12/21