Recommended You Timeless and Classic Cambridge Satchel

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Buy a high quality bag then you can use for several years. I think thisi is really a good investment. The new spring is coming, each big commercial brand rolls out in succession. This season I will recommend you Cambridge Satchel.

Classic Cambridge Satchel

Cambridge Satchel is popular among many university students. You can see that there are more and more people use Cambridge Satchel. It is positioned to both man and women. But it, it will bring you to your beautiful and sweet school years.

Prada classic career paths

2010 chun xia first team of advertising is this kind of regular professional bag bag, look at is the "middle class women low-key things right. Imagine, carry this bag woman should be: lawyers, executives, hard working women. Too fashionable dress up don't line this bag. Therefore, we can see that the Prada wants to sell not love the modern, pocket money didn't two little girl.

Ferragamo carefree housewife

Prada pointing at the sharp professional women, so Ferragamo is for those who have the money to the leisure and very low-key middle housewife. Buy a package to big, want simple practical, to strong, but also not fancy; Pack into the bottle, also want to hold when shopping for the goods under impulse. You say "fashionable"? What we need is "but".

Burberry economic fund sellers

Burberry this one season ads, let Emma Watson two sibling with a pile of suit cases, it is selling "snapping up stylish rider"--very anxious to customers SanTouLiuBei born in one hand, a bag. Burberry this one season is it home the promotion "beloved" of the classic case grain cheCK tote bag. Carry it, everyone knows you afford the Burberry, Ann can not popular.
Louis Vuitton outbreak of street

And his Burberry, LV this one season is simply package money is outbreak. All advertisement is the printing, the street, the most "don't need" collocation, the most "for young and old" design, even Neverfull such "street bag" in the early spring of the series advertising it conspicuous position. Louis Vuitton is absolutely the depression of the big winners in the war.
Fendi: document handbag away heat

This paragraph of official document called Peek a boo handbag, with its practicability and elegant modelling restoring ancient ways from 2009 to and become one of the best sellers IT BAG. 2010 chun xia Fendi's technology will kill or it. Believe that sales are going bad. Such a package, that you came to forty years later, it still but estimates.

Mulberry: fusion renovation

For a sell bag as the core of the brand, Mulberry in his 2010 chun xia advertising on the launch is the launch of new Alexa package money. This kind of bag of MTV VJ, London is famous "IT GIRL" Alexa Chung named. Stylist see Emma Hill Alexa Chung handheld Mulberry antique men's clothing Elkington determined to design the package when package money. Alexa Bag on the design of fusion she Mulberry home "master package money" the lock and antique Bayswater Bag of men's clothing Elkington two take belt, is a kind of novel ancient. For an old customer, satiating classical money will like it, he will also have more new lovers.
Christian Dior: return to elegant age

This one season, Dior and in hobbyhorse, deduce up its golden age "40 s". Detective series of python grain briefcase, and elegant and restore ancient ways, is both advantages of French boyish, also do not lose fair maiden model. Can all take it.

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Recommended You Timeless and Classic Cambridge Satchel

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Recommended You Timeless and Classic Cambridge Satchel

This article was published on 2012/03/08