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My husband always complains that “I am just another fashion victim!” Though I claim I am not, I should confess that I am indeed not indifferent to fashion… Fashion is the mean to stay young at mind, to look always superb and attractive and to show people that you know what dressing means! And I just love the feeling of looking always gorgeous… People do not look at you the same way when you are dressed with the latest designs or when you just grabbed a rug out of your dressing room!

And I am quite sure my husband likes me always trendy, chic and pretty… What he should like less are the heavy bills showing up on my credit card statements! Yes, I am one of you ladies who spend a fortune on clothing, shoes and bags! Especially shoes and even more bags! I just cannot refrain myself from buying the gorgeous latest designer bags… And because of that, some months can get tighter than others, and my husband can get quite irritated. And from you to me, I understand him!

Last week, I went for a facial with my best friend Kristy (she will recognize herself). On the way back, we were chatting about the latest Thomas Wylde skull bags that are currently so hot… and she confessed that she had stopped buying genuine designer bags for about a year… At the beginning, I thought she was joking. Kristy dedicated her whole life to designer bags and should have a collection by far larger than my own… And on that specific sunny day, she was actually carrying a wonderful and pricy Balanciaga Le Dix Motorcycle bag! Well, you will certainly understand how shocked I was when she told me it was a Balanciaga Replica bag! I could hardly believe it! I have myself a Balanciaga Le Dix Motorcycle bag that cost me a fortune and that was just looking exactly like hers… Or I should say hers was looking like mine! Anyway, I was so shocked that I decided we should stop by at my home to compare both bags! I was just so amazed, that I was speechless: I could just not find any difference between both bags…except the pricetag! I just realized that I could have gotten myself the same bag and saved a lot of money if I had done like Kristy…

My best friend had been carrying designer bag replicas for about a year without me knowing about it (well it is just impossible to tell!). Kristy explained me that she had started shopping online for replica bags a year ago. She got a few bad experiences with several websites but stubbornly went on until she found a reliable supplier. And she gave me the tip! Do you want to know? No you do not… Ok, I still give it to you: .

Yesterday, I placed my first order with them for a MIU MIU bag… I just want the MIU MIU Coffer bag so badly for weeks… But they are so pricy! I am now impatiently waiting for my bag... I am so excited! I should get it in about a week and will sure let you know! Do not be jealous Kristy, you will be the first one to know!

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Replica bags for Fashion Victims

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This article was published on 2006/11/13