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The problem of pollution and global warming is not hidden from any person on the planet earth.  Every country is trying its level best to make things easy.  Several research or inventions are made which gives a hope of better green planet earth.  People are getting together and trying to fight with this problem but the only problem is to remove plastic bags from the market.  Its usage is enormously high and getting its substitution is very difficult.  For that purpose, the bio bags as well as the compostable bags are given higher preferences.


The Biodegradable bags or the bio bags are the best eco friendly products that can be used in our day to day life.  Biodegradable means the substance which can be easily broken down to simpler molecules under the action of microbes like bacteria, fungi, etc.  By making use of such bags will not create any sort of pollution and is easy to maintain or carry without any harmful effects.  Usually, the bags are made from plastic made from the corn based material such as poly-lactic acids.  However, such bags need more amount of plastic in its manufacture because it is not that much resistant and durable.  These days, the recycled bags are also been used as the substitution of plastic bags.  Along with it, paper bags are also one of the eco friendly products.  Various industries have started using such bags in their routine.  Evenly, certain modifications for better results are also been made in the bio bags features.


Though the research has taken a fast track, industries are getting more versatile or gigantic or the world is getting busier, the fact that plastic is the best and most widely accepted product remains unchanged.  It is light weight, flexible, easily adjusted, and resistant to air or water and inert makes it’s more admirable among the general people.  However, much of such bags that are used by millions of people create pollution and to avoid such pollution compostable bags are used.  These bags are designed to be biodegradable by biological processe3s during composting to yield carbon dioxide, water, inorganic compounds and biomass leaving no visible distinguishable toxic substance behind.  In simpler words it means eco-friendly bags.  In this, the plastic raw material along with some natural additives are used which makes it a degradable plastic.  Thus, the properties of plastic along with environment friendly makes compostable bags future of economical, commercial or social world.


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Use Bio-degradable things

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Use Bio-degradable things

This article was published on 2011/12/03