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No one is crazier about Hermes bag than Victoria Beckham in the world.
She was seen dressed in pink with a pink Hermes leather bag on the playground while her husband was leading his team to win the football game. However, what people noticed was Victoria’ perfect matching of her dress with the bag to highlight her existence and temperament.
Victoria pays a lot of attention to her daily dressing as well. There is a photo of her wearing a black suit and carrying a black Hermes bag while on her way to a summer party. It can be concluded from the picture that her exquisite style is owned to detailed consideration.
Victoria has another luxury Hermes bag, the Birkin Himalayan. This bag is decorated with diamonds of different sizes. The diamond on the shackle of the bag weighs three carats and worth 80 thousand pounds. It takes a lot of efforts for David Beckham to get his hands on this bag. It was presented to Victoria as a Christmas gift. Informed personnel noted that Victoria never lacks beautiful things, so it is not easy for Beckham to buy things she will like. However, David Beckham knows that she likes designed French products.
Victoria is most often seen carrying Hermes leather bag. She possesses more than eight hundred Hermes bags. It is estimated that the total value of her bags has reached 1.5 million pounds. She has a complete collection of Hermes bags and this has made millions of women feel envious. It is not enough that she married the most handsome man in the world, she also possesses other items other women are longing for.
Right after she showed up at the exit of the airport, she was captured wearing a yellow strapped dress and carrying a yellow Birkin bag. Just when people are amazed at the breathtaking beauty her decoration has displayed, the simple style of her yellow sandals stand out and adds another touch to her flawless taste.
We do not know whether Victoria is falling in love with Hermes bags or she is simply indicating how wealthy and generous her husband is. But one thing is for sure, she does not need to worry about accessorizing because she has eight hundred colors to choose from.
Of course, normal women are not as slim and rich as Victoria. We cannot afford to buy so many Hermes bags. But it does not mean that we cannot be dressed gorgeously. There are other leather bags of good quality we can choose from. The price of the bags on is affordable and you will also find the quality satisfactory. Just remember, although the bag is small, its effect is immeasurable.

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Victoria Beckham’s Bags

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Victoria Beckham’s Bags

This article was published on 2011/05/30