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Bags are not only for the storage of personal items, but also reflects a person's identity, status, economic status and even personality and so on. And, if you want to know much more bag informations, for example: GUCCI Bag May Give You Lots of Happiness, I would like to recommend this www.replicatopstore.com to you.

For White-collar women, a bag has been carefully selected finishing point. Can you decorate a real white-collar woman? Some women in order to save time and in different places are using the same bag only, sometimes because it does not match with the dress, looks inconsistent. It is best prepared several bags, one for work and other leisure and dinner on different occasions. Bags should be used at work so you can store a large number of more essential items, but the style must generous, consistent with the image work, such as briefcase-style bag is the most suitable, but if that is too tough briefcase, purse can try the same time carrying briefcases and reflect women's style of bag. This advantage is more reasonable to place your objects as much as possible, carrying plastic bags or paper bags than you should be more professional. Use back-type bag, women should be back in the right shoulder because when women and men used to go to the right peers.

Female Employees or job interview, the examiner must not be the bag on the table or hold in his breast, the most appropriate approach is to put your right foot next. Coach handbags are nice choice.

For general office workers, it is best not to use a more expensive purse than the boss, just entered the community of young people with particular attention to this. Dress casual, leisure and shopping time by the bags, optional shape and lively, brightly colored bag or backpack, which is easy to match the mood and dress. Participation in formal occasions, dinner, etc. You should use more elegant purse, then it will match with the dress is said courtesy of the owner. The best use of time attending the banquet-style with handle-type bags or back, do not hand bags, so as not to take meals in the exchange business cards or point, causing trouble. Gold and silver in the bag for use at the dinner, because the light and will show its elegance.

Men should not wear a suit to obtain a good impression on his girlfriend or wife while scrambling to get for her purse, this is really bad behavior. Because handbags are women's accessories, a man can't take it. To considerate and grace expressed men, women can help sponsor a heavier items or shopping bag.

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Woman and Bag

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This article was published on 2010/10/16